Sunday, August 15, 2010

Immersion (A Post in 3 Parts): Part 3

Day 3

For our last day, we were still required to wake up early for a processing session with our formator at Mang Boy's house. Basically, we just shared the experiences we've had over the past two days, as well as some insights we've gained. Afterwards, we were invited to ride the kalabaw at the house of one of us. Unfortunately, me and Aileen had to go ahead home to help with cooking lunch and other chores.
Our last lunch at Nanay Rosana's house was the most delicious. We had fried fish, the sinigang from last night, tortang talong and fresh buko juice. We chatted for a while and then we all watched the movie adaptation of "Magandang Tanghali Bayan." I found it to be the funniest Pinoy film I've ever seen. We never finished it as we had to go to Mang Boy's house (as usual) to convene for the last time. Before that, we had some last minute photo ops...
...and then it was goodbye. At his house, Mang Boy and his fellow farmers (who were foster parents to some of us) said their last words. I was really sad at having to go so early...I felt there was so much more to experience and learn. Nevertheless, we all walked to the highway (where we were to wait for the bus home) with a heavy heart and a mind full of memories.
On the bus home, I sat next to some stranger, so I wasn't able to talk to anybody. Instead, I looked out the window and pondered about the past two days. I definitely felt lucky at having had a privileged life, that I didn't have to work hard for necessities such as food, shelter and tuition. However, I also felt a certain jealousy for the simple, peaceful life they lead..very close to nature which provided them with food, livelihood and shelter. But I am lucky to have had that experience, as it showed me another side of Filipino life: the farming life. It was hard because of the many economic and political issues they face everyday. However, I would like to believe that the farmers are partly rewarded for their hardwork with the distinction of being stewards of the dying Philippine agriculture industry. Having come out of the experience a definitely changed person, I hope to one day use my skills and talents in helping these people who have joyfully welcomed me into their homes and generously shared their food and shelter. I genuinely hope to one day do the same for them and more.
And this concludes my rather lengthy posts on my immersion trip. I am really grateful to have had this experience, and I wish we had spent more than 3 days there. I am also glad to have met all those wonderful people who have touched a part of my life. A really big THANK YOU to all of them. :'D

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