Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Tis the end of an eventful week...

Every bone in my body is aching right now, yet I'm in one of the best moods I have had in months. You see, last week was CompSAt Week, where we had a small IT-related fair in order to promote our org to the whole school. I handled two projects: the IT Forums (of which I'm project head) and Installfest/Burnfest (logistics head here). I'm pretty happy that it didn't coincide with any major requirements or even Hell Week, coz' God knows how I'll be able to handle all that academic and org stuff at the same time.
For IT Forums, we had a CSS workshop which was conducted by Madeline Ong (check out her website here). She's a really talented web developer and I was surprised to know that she was a graduate of my school, from the same course no less. Of all the people I could contact that I found on the net, I e-mailed her. It's incredible how life is soo full of coincidences, no matter how small they may be.
On the other hand, for Burnfest, we gave away free copies of Windows 7, as well as serial numbers. And no, these aren't pirated copies, but the real thing. I think this was what attracted the most people to visit our exhibits. We were giving away software worth $120.00. Who wouldn't want that? However, we were the ones who burned the installer to DVDs so that we could charge a small price (for the burning, not the software). Yet, a computer could only handle so much that we usually closed our booth early since we ran out of CDs. All in all, we burned around 1,000 DVDs. CD-R King made a lot off of us.
My week was concluded by a research seminar I attended at school today. One of the speakers talked about biometrics and he bought along this hairband-like headgear with sensors which, when worn on your head, could read your brainwaves and facial muscles. The uses for that kind of device are endless, from hands-free gaming to operating dangerous machinery with only your head. For my first two tries with the gadget, the computer didn't show any readings from my brain and I didn't know why. Maybe I'm a zombie.
So yeah, that was my week. Wanna tell me about yours? :)


  1. i bought a dvd of windows 7 from compsat last week, but how do i get the serial number or the user name and password for the web site? because i haven't received the user name and password in my email yet...

    my id number is 082043

  2. hi. i'll follow it up with my project head. :)

  3. I have the same problem. 060291

  4. oh, i just bought the dvd from compsat, but i forgot to sign up/register my email address with compsat. can i still please get a license/user name and password to the site e-academy?

    my computer recently got a virus so i reformatted it and installed the windows 7 copy i got from compsat but i have to activate it in 30 days... please help me get a product key. thanks.

    my id number is 061904