Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Weeks Into the Second Semester...

Reading: The Portable Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau
Listening to: Superstar - Taylor Swift

...and I still miss sem break. I wasn't able to accomplish most of what I planned to do that time, but it was because I had to help out with our small business (which is currently our main source of income). So yeah, I had a good reason, yet it doesn't mean I won't still try to do the things in my list. I'll be attending a Flash seminar this Wednesday, and C++ is required for one of my classes this sem. There's really no excuse not to learn.
Still, I had a rather fun and productive sem break, since I got to do most of the things I can't during school days. Plus, I got to buy lots of new books and magazines from the incentives I get whenever I work at our store. I also got to regularly watch Glee (
I hope they show another PuckleBerry episode!) and The Big Bang Theory (I was sooo glad to see Sheldon again).
I'm actually fine with school starting already. My teachers this semester are pretty interesting, some with good reputations while others with bad ones. I'm glad that I'm not one to be fazed by teachers who give low grades, as I find it more important that I learn a lot from them. So bring it on *****! Hehe. However, I do have a toxic schedule right now, with three-hour breaks and late-night classes (ok, so not that late at night, but I do arrive home at around 7:30 pm due to traffic). Not to mention the immense workload I already have. Sigh.
I can't wait for Christmas vacation to start.