Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The movies in my mind

Hey! So I was gonna blog yesterday, but resisted all urge since I still had a bonus paper in history to do. Well, I did surf the net, but if I started blogging in the midst of doing it, I was going to lose all my concentration if I did two writing projects at once. Now, I am days away from the end of the first semester. Can't wait for sembreak! :D
As I was beginning to write this post (with a different topic in mind), I remembered the ongoing "movie" in my head, and I just had to type down the scenes because they were too good. I've been directing these "mind movies" since I was 7, ever since I began to think up all sorts of scenes involving me as Sailor Jupiter (back when Sailor Moon was popular here) and they were all complete with dialogue, settings and unique costumes. I get most of my ideas from scenes in movies and books, and even t.v. commercials. But inspiration is really everywhere. It's amazing how you can spin-off an entire dramatic saga from a single line of a song.
I think I've "made" hundreds of movies already, some with idiotic plotlines, others with really good ones, although I've failed to write them all down. Now though, I try to write rough summaries of my better stories. Maybe someday when I'm a rich entrepreneur with nothing to do, I'll make screenplays out of them and pitch to the big film studios. If I beg, I might be able to direct too, since I already have every detail mapped in my mind. Then from screenwriter, I'll be a director then an actress. I may have a chance to fulfill a crazy dream of mine. Hey, it's never wrong to dream too big.
These movies are good for when I'm bored at home (it makes me see the movies clearer when I walk back and forth the length of our small living room) or struggling to fall asleep (incredibly, I always remember the parts where I snoozed off). Sometimes though, I get headaches when I think about them too much. Nonetheless, they offer me a good respite when reality gets really tough on me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a movie to make.
ps: The title of today's post is borrowed from the song"The Movie in My Mind," sung by Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon. Go listen to it sometime (and listen to the rest of the soundtrack too).

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