Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's The Official Launch of Design Quips!!

Listening to: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (can't wait for Fame Monster to come out!)

Hi guys! So I've been busy the past few days with a lot of things - general cleaning of our house, helping out at our little bookstore, drawing, going through my backlog of unread books, and...working on my new design blog. Yes it's finally up!! It's called Design Quips and it's all about design, design, design. Yes, I talk about all the things I love - art, food, music, fashion and a lot of other things that I hope you'll love too, so please visit. There's just two posts there at this time, but I have a whole bevy of topics already in line. The address is http://designquips.wordpress.com. Or you can click this link. I've always wanted to try out hosting a blog at Wordpress, and I must say, I quite liked it. But I think this one's gonna stay here for a while. :)

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