Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi guys! I'm still alive!

Hellloooo!! Once again, it has been more than a month since I last posted (I don't know if that really matters at this point since I only have a readership of 1 - and that's my sister). Anyways, the past few months have been super super super busy, what with school and org life and your other whatnots. Additionally, it seemed that we had no classes for the past couple of Monday (due to a lot of random consecutive holidays - our President has decreed that if a holiday fell on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it would be "celebrated" on a least that's why I think that is). That means our teachers have to cram all their lessons into the remaining days, so consequently, the students have to bear the brunt of a lot of homework to make up for the lost time. I used to be happy about days with no classes, but now I dread them because that means everyone's schedule gets really messed up. However, Mother Nature seems to like to mess up things for us also - because we've been messing her up for too long.
Last Saturday, typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila, and for the first time ever, areas that normally don't get flooded were under 4 feet of water in mere minutes. The streets near us were flooded and the water levels reached above human height. According to my parents, it really was the worst typhoon to ever come here in two decades.
During the storm, our house became a mini-evacuation center as we housed some friends whose houses got flooded (fortunately, our street didn't get flooded). One of our refugees, an 8-year-old kid easily became bored when the electricity went out, so he amused himself (and us) by dancing like Michael Jackson (that kid was good).
After it was all over, it seemed like the spirit of helping overcame the whole country (and even some other parts of the world). Relief operations were carried out everywhere and a lot of people were volunteering and donating. It was nice to see that we all still cared about each other, in spite of all the stories you hear about the slowly vanishing virtues of charity and goodwill.
Granted, this was a very traumatic experience for people who lost all their belongings and even their loved ones (or even for those who experienced flooding for the first time). I used to like the rain a lot, but now, I see it in quite a different light, although I shouldn't. Because if you look at it, this wasn't the rain's fault. It was our fault. Perhaps Mother Nature just got fed up with human folly and disregard for her that she decided it was time to teach us a lesson. And may we heed that lesson in order to prevent another disaster like this from happening in the future.

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