Monday, October 5, 2009

Early ending for a rather empty sem...

So today we all (not all really, some schools are still flooded or being used as evacuation centers) hiked back to school after a 10-day vacation because of the storm. When I got there, I saw some of my friends already talking about their stories of the typhoon. Some had their houses flooded, were stranded in school or were entirely unaffected. I, unfortunately, belonged to the last category. I truly wished I had an interesting story to tell, but alas, I opted not to go out of the house that day. Nor was our house flooded. I guess I should be thankful though that I, as well as my whole family, was at home that time (who knows what could've happened).
Before classes started, a memo circulated around from the higher-ups of our school. It stated that final exams were now optional and all requirements that would be due in the last 2 and a half weeks of school were to be cancelled. Final grades could be based on the current class standing of the student. So technically, some of my classes were now officially over for this sem.
Now I'm the kind of student that doesn't really care much about grades. What's more important to me is how much I learn, since that's what I'm gonna carry long after I graduate. Grades are a bonus as a result of working hard to learn a lot. That's my philosophy. In the light of these new events though, it will seem that I'm gonna get higher grades without having exerted as much effort as I did for the past semesters. I should be happy that I'll be feeling free for the next couple of weeks leading to sem break, but in truth, I feel rather unfulfilled. I feel that I didn't learn as much as I'd have wanted to. Add to that the amount of useless holidays, and for me, this sem has become a rather empty one. Sigh. Sorry if I sound too cynical, but this has been quite a sullen day for me. I hope tomorrow brings better news.

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