Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's The Official Launch of Design Quips!!

Listening to: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (can't wait for Fame Monster to come out!)

Hi guys! So I've been busy the past few days with a lot of things - general cleaning of our house, helping out at our little bookstore, drawing, going through my backlog of unread books, and...working on my new design blog. Yes it's finally up!! It's called Design Quips and it's all about design, design, design. Yes, I talk about all the things I love - art, food, music, fashion and a lot of other things that I hope you'll love too, so please visit. There's just two posts there at this time, but I have a whole bevy of topics already in line. The address is http://designquips.wordpress.com. Or you can click this link. I've always wanted to try out hosting a blog at Wordpress, and I must say, I quite liked it. But I think this one's gonna stay here for a while. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Listening to: songs from the tv series Glee (the mash-ups are the coolest - Halo/Walking on Sunshine and It's My Life/Confessions pt. II)

Oooh yeah!! woot woot! I never thought it would be this soon, but I'm so glad it's finally here. I passed the last of my requirements at about 1:30 this afternoon, and after that, I heard the sounds of party poppers exploding all around me. I'm so freakkin' happeh!
But of course, this doesn't mean I'll use all that time to laze around. No sirree. Thanks to my previous blog post, I am now determined to accomplish as much as I can during my more than 3 weeks of vacation. And to remind me even more of this, I will make a list of all the things I hope to get done (because everybody loves lists):
1. Launch and regularly update new design website: Hopefully by the end of sem break, I'll have a couple of readers.
2. Learn C++ or Flash Scripting.
3. Learn some basic 3d modeling using Blender.
4. Learn to draw using tablet and Corel Paint.
5. Learn to sew.
As you can see, 4 out of the 5 I wrote above involve learning some kind of something. Now I've never really succeeded at learning something on my own, but I hope to do it this time. Heck, I'll add it to the list:
6. Learn to learn something by myself.
There. I'll have to keep this post short so I can get started on number one. I hope I'll get to think up a nifty name for the site, as well as list some possible topics for the posts - and maybe draft some already. In that way, I'll have articles to put up in case I get real busy some days. I'm really hopeful for this special project of mine and I fondly wish I'll be diligent enough to make it successful. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

What I hate most about myself

Reading: Little Indiscretions: A Delectable Mystery by Carmen Posadas (new feature of this blog, haha)
Listening to: Joyenergizer - Joy Kitikonti (i love trance music)

Hi guys! First of all, I wanna greet my dad who turns 53 today! Wee!!!! Happy Birthday Pa!
I'm also happy that today's a Friday, and I'm writing this on a cold and rainy night. I'm also two more requirements away from going on official sem break, so more yeys! Plus, in celebration of my dad's birthday, we had pizza, spaghetti and brazo de mercedes (best cake evar!) Today's just a great day :D
So even though I'm in such a ridiculously happy mood tonight, the subject of today's post will not be a very lighthearted subject.
I would like to start off by saying that I'm a very ambitious person. I set ridiculously high goals for myself. I know that it's not wrong to do something like that since it will motivate you more to accomplish the little tasks which will ultimately lead to that larger goal. However, it seems that lately, I have been putting off a lot of things. Although you do have to take little breaks once in a while, it appears that I have taken one too many, leading to a frightening realization that when I step out into the real world, I won't be equipped with the proper skills I need to go into the career that I want. I've noticed that all the things that I need to do before I graduate, I haven't done yet. I don't wanna see myself in the future thinking, "if only I studied this or learned that, I might've gotten that job." So now I'm writing this in order to explicitly show to myself that I need to act now and do all the plans that have only been kept in my head. Even when I get an urge to do them, I ignore those urges, simply because I'm too lazy or I feel that it isn't the 'right' time to do them. Well now I've realized that each moment is right, since you might not even get to that right moment. So when I'm rereading this, what's gonna pop into my head is this: "HEY NIKKA, DON'T SPEND THE NEXT FOUR HOURS OF YOUR LIFE SITTING HERE AND READING ABOUT INTERNET MEMES OR WATCHING USELESS VIDEOS. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING DAMMIT!" And I hope that I'll 'listen.'

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The movies in my mind

Hey! So I was gonna blog yesterday, but resisted all urge since I still had a bonus paper in history to do. Well, I did surf the net, but if I started blogging in the midst of doing it, I was going to lose all my concentration if I did two writing projects at once. Now, I am days away from the end of the first semester. Can't wait for sembreak! :D
As I was beginning to write this post (with a different topic in mind), I remembered the ongoing "movie" in my head, and I just had to type down the scenes because they were too good. I've been directing these "mind movies" since I was 7, ever since I began to think up all sorts of scenes involving me as Sailor Jupiter (back when Sailor Moon was popular here) and they were all complete with dialogue, settings and unique costumes. I get most of my ideas from scenes in movies and books, and even t.v. commercials. But inspiration is really everywhere. It's amazing how you can spin-off an entire dramatic saga from a single line of a song.
I think I've "made" hundreds of movies already, some with idiotic plotlines, others with really good ones, although I've failed to write them all down. Now though, I try to write rough summaries of my better stories. Maybe someday when I'm a rich entrepreneur with nothing to do, I'll make screenplays out of them and pitch to the big film studios. If I beg, I might be able to direct too, since I already have every detail mapped in my mind. Then from screenwriter, I'll be a director then an actress. I may have a chance to fulfill a crazy dream of mine. Hey, it's never wrong to dream too big.
These movies are good for when I'm bored at home (it makes me see the movies clearer when I walk back and forth the length of our small living room) or struggling to fall asleep (incredibly, I always remember the parts where I snoozed off). Sometimes though, I get headaches when I think about them too much. Nonetheless, they offer me a good respite when reality gets really tough on me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a movie to make.
ps: The title of today's post is borrowed from the song"The Movie in My Mind," sung by Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon. Go listen to it sometime (and listen to the rest of the soundtrack too).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Early ending for a rather empty sem...

So today we all (not all really, some schools are still flooded or being used as evacuation centers) hiked back to school after a 10-day vacation because of the storm. When I got there, I saw some of my friends already talking about their stories of the typhoon. Some had their houses flooded, were stranded in school or were entirely unaffected. I, unfortunately, belonged to the last category. I truly wished I had an interesting story to tell, but alas, I opted not to go out of the house that day. Nor was our house flooded. I guess I should be thankful though that I, as well as my whole family, was at home that time (who knows what could've happened).
Before classes started, a memo circulated around from the higher-ups of our school. It stated that final exams were now optional and all requirements that would be due in the last 2 and a half weeks of school were to be cancelled. Final grades could be based on the current class standing of the student. So technically, some of my classes were now officially over for this sem.
Now I'm the kind of student that doesn't really care much about grades. What's more important to me is how much I learn, since that's what I'm gonna carry long after I graduate. Grades are a bonus as a result of working hard to learn a lot. That's my philosophy. In the light of these new events though, it will seem that I'm gonna get higher grades without having exerted as much effort as I did for the past semesters. I should be happy that I'll be feeling free for the next couple of weeks leading to sem break, but in truth, I feel rather unfulfilled. I feel that I didn't learn as much as I'd have wanted to. Add to that the amount of useless holidays, and for me, this sem has become a rather empty one. Sigh. Sorry if I sound too cynical, but this has been quite a sullen day for me. I hope tomorrow brings better news.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi guys! I'm still alive!

Hellloooo!! Once again, it has been more than a month since I last posted (I don't know if that really matters at this point since I only have a readership of 1 - and that's my sister). Anyways, the past few months have been super super super busy, what with school and org life and your other whatnots. Additionally, it seemed that we had no classes for the past couple of Monday (due to a lot of random consecutive holidays - our President has decreed that if a holiday fell on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it would be "celebrated" on a Monday..at least that's why I think that is). That means our teachers have to cram all their lessons into the remaining days, so consequently, the students have to bear the brunt of a lot of homework to make up for the lost time. I used to be happy about days with no classes, but now I dread them because that means everyone's schedule gets really messed up. However, Mother Nature seems to like to mess up things for us also - because we've been messing her up for too long.
Last Saturday, typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila, and for the first time ever, areas that normally don't get flooded were under 4 feet of water in mere minutes. The streets near us were flooded and the water levels reached above human height. According to my parents, it really was the worst typhoon to ever come here in two decades.
During the storm, our house became a mini-evacuation center as we housed some friends whose houses got flooded (fortunately, our street didn't get flooded). One of our refugees, an 8-year-old kid easily became bored when the electricity went out, so he amused himself (and us) by dancing like Michael Jackson (that kid was good).
After it was all over, it seemed like the spirit of helping overcame the whole country (and even some other parts of the world). Relief operations were carried out everywhere and a lot of people were volunteering and donating. It was nice to see that we all still cared about each other, in spite of all the stories you hear about the slowly vanishing virtues of charity and goodwill.
Granted, this was a very traumatic experience for people who lost all their belongings and even their loved ones (or even for those who experienced flooding for the first time). I used to like the rain a lot, but now, I see it in quite a different light, although I shouldn't. Because if you look at it, this wasn't the rain's fault. It was our fault. Perhaps Mother Nature just got fed up with human folly and disregard for her that she decided it was time to teach us a lesson. And may we heed that lesson in order to prevent another disaster like this from happening in the future.