Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh my...Also, Food Network Humor! Yey!

Woah! It has been more than a month since I last put something in here. Now I know I promised a worthwhile post, but that is just something I cannot do right now (or for a long time). Junior year has been soo tough so far, that it's taken a toll on me. For the past two weeks, I've been going to school without knowing that I have pneumonia. Yes..I've been attending class, interacting with people and basically trying to do normal activities, while totally unconscious of my having a potentially fatal lung disease (although two fevers and a nasty cough should've been clues already). Anyways, I'm on the road to recovery, and I should be, because this coming week I have two programming assignments, a long test (and maybe another) and a project for my org. Whew! I hope I get through this sem alive. Srsly.
For further news, Lady Gaga is coming to Manila for a concert on August 11!! Shit. I hope I can go. It's a couple days away. :/
Also, I seem to have an obsession lately with the Food Network. Not that I like their shows, it's more of an obsession with poking fun at their shows. It all started with Sandra Lee, the Queen of Semi-Homemade (or in other words, 70% store-bough and preservative laden food and 30% "creativity"). I read some articles that ostracized her cooking, most especially her Kwanzaa Cake (look it up on YouTube) and from thereon, I found myself watching her YouTube videos. She's actually a nice, charismatic lady, although she seems to want to project the perfect housewife image (we don't need another Martha Stewart, thank you). Then there's her food and her tablescapes. Augh. Anyways, I found this great site: Food Network Humor which blogs about Paula Deen and the eternal presence of butter in her recipes, to Guy Fieri's douchebaggery (pardon the word, but it seems the most appropriate description of him). It also contains other food-related articles without any Food Network elements. Check out the website for a good laugh.
Now I'm going back to procrastinating. Ciao!