Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Killing some two hours of time..

I'm writing this at school, since, as you can fathom from this post's title, I've got two hours to kill before my next agenda of the day. You see, I went to school early in the hopes that I could beat the lines for enrollment. However, I was told that the registration for incoming juniors is not until tomorrow. Sucks for me. Good thing for the free internet in this school. :D
I am so very very very very excited for tomorrow night. Metro Station is performing at Trinoma, and me and my sister got entry so we can have good seats, unlike the time we watched Boys Like Girls at the same mall, and we had to wait at the balcony for an hour lest we lose our good viewing position. I'm not a real die-hard fan of the band (hey, it rhymes!), but I love love love their songs (what it is with all this repetition?). Also, since the two lead vocalists are siblings of the stars from Hannah Montana, I've been telling my sister that I just might faint if Miley Cyrus comes out as a surprise guest (Note: 1. I am not that big a fan of Miley. It's just that she's such a big star and for her to suddenly come out would be a very big surprise. 2. This is highly improbable.) So yeah, I'll probably post pictures after tomorrow's show. PROBABLY.

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