Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Gah..it has been nearly three weeks since I put up a post...Mainly because it's been the past 2 weeks have been crazy @!# @@$!. My recent posts have been below par and of low quality, so I promise that as long as I get everything sorted and done, I will give you guys a nice, well-written post. I'm just so agitated and angry and annoyed and stressed (woah, only emotion not starting with 'a') because of lots of different reasons. I can't do the things I want to do, the people at home are driving me crazy, my teachers are cramming the summer sem....aggghhhh..
I have to go to spare you the rest of my really ugly ranting.
Ciao! >:<

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wooh..Hi guys. Crazy week last week. Srsly. Haha. As far as crazy goes for me anyway.
Last Monday we had our breaching experiment which was for our sociology class. We needed to do something that was out of the norm or that broke society's unwritten rules. For example, ordering a Whopper from McDonald's or going to the mall in a cocktail dress. Among our group of three, we had a lot choices: eating with fingers at a fancy restaurant, cheering for people playing in an arcade and going to the gym in prom garb. What we eventually did was a couple notches more embarassing than those. We went to three food establishments wherein you could watch your food being prepared, and while doing so, we would also perform an entire cheer routine in front of the person preparing your food. We chose 3 establishments, a sushi place, Starbucks and a fishball stand. At the first, we had to order sushi 2 times because for the first order, he had finished the sushi before we could even cheer. We did cheer for him and when we interviewed him after, he told us he was embarrased at first and his co-worker thought were a bunch of nuts. The people at Starbucks actually liked our cheer and told us that more customers should do as we did :D The lady at the fishball stand however was virtually unresponsive throughout our routine, but she actually was quite amused. As for us? Well, you could say we were pretty red-faced after each experience. Haha. I don't know if I'd do it again though. But it
So that was part of the craziness last week. We also had a midterm on Wednesday. I hope I get a good grade. I really hope I get a good grade. I really really hope I get a good grade. This seeming feeling of hopelessness is what you get when you don't study properly for a test. However, it's fortunate that my optimism outweighs all that negative schizz, so...
Ciao! :D :D :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

it's cold and clammy today: yey!

That statement above may make me seem like some sucker for anything that's depressing and sad, but it's completely the opposite. I'm mostly a rather happy-go-lucky person, and I take life really lightly (although there are times that I'm super serious and cranky). I really like cloudy days with a chance of rain (provided I'm home) because it's at those times I feel most at peace. I usually get to do that things I like -reading or drawing- with a completely clear mind. This is all for now as I have yet to enjoy this day.