Friday, April 24, 2009

Obsession: Fashion

HELLO, Hello, hello everyone! Boy, I missed my blog. I kept meaning to blog before summer (at least my summer) ended, but it just got too hot to sit down in front of a hot laptop. Seriously, the heat is that much here. Anyway, so now that school's started, I've been a bit busy -no, actually not really that busy, but it's only now that I find the time to write. Otherwise, my free time is occupied with going to the mall (for the aircon) or some other hobby of mine.
Right now, I'm very into fashion and all that schizz, even though I'm currently uninspired to design my own pieces. Which is why all my money right now is spent on back issues of Vogue, Glamour, Preview (a local mag) and InStyle, hopefully to give me some sort of inspiration. It isn't the first time I'm obsessed with the stuff, I think it started way back when I was 7 years old, when my aunt sent me old magazines of hers from the States. The first one I ever read was Cosmo mag, and even though I was more fascinated by the clothes and make-up, my mom usually took them away because of the rated R stuff. Hehe.
Currently, I actually see passion more as an art than as a way of life, primarily because I don't have that many clothes to be considered fashionable, and also because I don't know how to sew. I'm thinking that if I learn the latter, I'll be able to resolve the former. I'm always bugging my mom to teach me (she's a great seamstress) but we both don't have the time. So I'm sticking to designing in the meantime. And watching Project Runway (love love love that show).
My absolute favorite designer has to be Alexander McQueen. I love everything about him, from his designs to his shows to his name (yes, i love his edgy name). His penchant for outlandish yet amazing runway shows puts him in the same league as Lady Gaga in their ability to blow audiences away. I don't know..I guess I just love anything eccentric and exagerrated. I'll talk about more of these exagerrated eccentricities in the next posts.

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