Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've 60% overcame my fear of the water!

So I've been gone for nearly two weeks, which is about 90% of my summer vacation. Mostly we just went swimming or malling.
Last Tuesday me and my mom went to Recto, my favorite haven for secondhand books, magazines and whatnots. After that, we visited my grandmother and had halo-halo at this carinderia that my mother ate at as a child. She said the food is still very much the same: delicious and nostalgic. The following day, I was going to enroll for the summer sem, but only found out when I was at school already that we weren't supposed to til Monday. Oh well, fail. :P
Holy Week was pretty uneventful. Just went to church and stayed at home. Actually, after watching an episode of Project Runway yesterday, i got inspired to draw some of my own designs. I just wish I could really push through with those tailoring lessons.
Regarding the title of today's post, yes, I am 40% less afraid of the water. Today, I did some amateurish swimming at the pool. Tomorrow, I will start swimming lessons and I'm quite sure I'll be the oldest student there..hehe.

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