Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am currently away from my histo readings..

From the title of this post, it should be evident that I'm currently procrastinating in studying for my history long test tomorrow. Well, the internet does that to you.
So yesterday, my SA (socio-anthropo) class went to the La Mesa Ecopark, which is a park that's adjacent to a dam. It was a nice place where you're fully surrounded by nature and all. One activity we did involved doing something in the park that will showcase the concept of 'freedom'. Me and my group did something that ranged from borderline illegal (crossing a CAUTION tape area) to inappropriate (a guy entering a female restroom) to unreligious (cursing at the heavens) to something unsettling (hugging a random stranger). It was all in good humor.
Other things we did were wall-climbing -which I have to say, I can't ever reach the top. It is only when I'm near it that I notice my arms suddenly hurt and I give up already. Oh wells, it was only my 2nd try. We also tried rowing our own boat on a four feet man-made lake, which was a peaceful experience for all of us, except for those poor spider eggs that were stuck on a wall and who were the victims of our 'murderous rampage'.
Gotta love being close to nature. :D

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