Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools!

First, I would like to congratulate my sister on graduating high school. Welcome to the brutal, yet equally exciting world of college. May you not gain the Freshman 15 (like I did).
Don't worry, I won't play a prank like pretending to be dead or making my website upside down (check out YouTube), mainly because I'm quite rattled by all the Conficker virus news. So far, nothing's happened yet, although I'm putting up my computer's guard. Can't be too sure.
For further (boring -yep, nothing's happened so far) news, we went swimming this morning. It was fun, although even though I swore to learn how to swim a bit today, all I did was wade and sink my head a couple of times. I can't help it though, for me, the water is this big thing waiting to eat me up. However, I'm planning to take swimming lessons this summer, as I'm also trying to conquer my fear of the water, as well as cross off swimming on the list of things I haven't learned how to do (which includes riding a bicycle and whistling).
More tomorrow (I promise...I think), since it's really hot tonight, and the heat from the laptop is making it worse. Curse my being born in a tropical country! (joke)

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