Friday, March 6, 2009

The week's over..and our project is working!! woot woot

My two tests are over...and there're a lot more to go! But that's okay, coz it's the weekend, and everything's fun during the weekends, right?
So first, I want to get this heavy thing off my chest, by saying that I have a heavy thing on my chest. I did something that I now truly regret doing and I'm awfully sorry for it. There.
Now that's out, I will now ask y'all to join me in rejoicing about the success of our Physics project. It's not graded yet, but today, all the parts came into (almost) perfect harmony and worked the way we expected it to. Woot! wOOt! (I've been saying this a lot). Anyway, now we have to work on our presentation, and then it's over! We take it all apart and return all the parts to the physics department! How anticlimactic...
Our project is basically a cart with stepper motor wheels that is controlled by a computer through a parallel port (printer cable) connection. I won't go into the details unless you're really interested so tell me and I might just mail you our schematic diagrams.
Now, since the car's going to have three wheels (two stepper motors and one unmotorized wheel), we're going to build a shell that will make it look like the blue Reliant car that's the rival of Mr. Bean little green auto. It's all so really exciting.
BTW: Two days til I give away the demonoid accounts! So comment, comment, comment! Thanks.

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