Friday, March 13, 2009

Lady Gaga is <3

First of all, our physics project presentation was a success! The cart wasn't able to roll properly because the weight was much too heavy, but it still rolled! And the commercials my groupmate did for our 'company' and 'product' were the best. I think he'll upload it at YouTube soon.
I am so totally becoming a follower of Lady Gaga. She's like this totally different, totally alien type of musician, joining the likes of Ziggy Stardust and Gary Glitter. We are both in love with everything pop culture -art, music, fashion and all that schizz. I would love to become her friend, or work for her as an album or costume designer. When the day comes that she conquers the industry, I think that everywhere you look are lightning bolts and hoodies (her trademarks) and everyone will be into partying and glam rock and pop art. Which would be so totally cool. 'Til that happens, I invite you all to grab (or download, hihihi) her album and check out her website. Read her blog, it's nuts (in a good way). She's definitely not a typical pop star who's obsessed with getting into mainstream and wants everyone to like them; I believe she's more of the underground type, the one who 'chooses her fans', if you get what I mean. Well, I hope she chooses me!
While 'Just Dance' and 'Pokerface' are already making it big on MTV and radios, she also released a lesser-known video for the song 'Beautiful Dirty Rich' which is my absolute fave off the album. Check it out on it!!!! (Man, I can't believe I can be fan-girly about a girl.)

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