Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love my soopaheroes.

Hey peoples!!
Been awhile since I last posted since I've been uber-busy the past few days. This coming week is the last week of it's almost VACATION TIME!!! Woohoo! (Yes, I'm am very pleased by two weeks of vacation.) Also, I am glad to say that I got a slot to go to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, although right now, I am so worrying about how I'm gonna manage my expenses. Obama, can I have some of the stimulus package?
Me and my sister have finally seen Watchmen. We actually wanted to finish the graphic novel first, but since we were sharing it, plus me having too much schoolwork to read...we decided to just, BAH, LET'S WATCH THE MOVIE ALREADY. It was amah-zing, and adhered to what we've read of the comic so far. It wasn't as visually stunning as what Zak Snyder did with 300 previously, but I was glad much of the settings used were accurate with what Dan Gibbons did with the illustrations. I haven't gotten to the ending of the novel to compare it with the movie's ending, but my blockmate said the movie one was very disappointing. Makes me want to finish the comic more. The thing I probably loved the most about the film was the special effects. I love what they did with Dr. Manhattan, as well as with all the explosions and Van der Graaf generator-like electric schizz. Which makes me want to work as a special effects person in Hollywood more (my no. 2 dream - no. 1 is to work at Pixar as an animator). All in all, I give the movie an A (a low A -92 or 93 in grade terms).
Lastly, since summer is coming, I may have some time to update my blog. Change the layout or something (I so want to make my own layout from scratch).
Til next time!

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