Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Demonoid Invites!! woot woot

Wee! One test down, another one to go tomorrow! And then it's all done. Actually, not quite, there're still some more tests, and then more projects and then more projects (is now depressed). I'm here right now coz' I'm going to study a little bit later. God I'm such a procrastinator. I work better under pressure anyway, so that's a good thing, right? Right?
Anyway, last November, when my obsession for graphic novels began, I found out that I could not rely on ordinary torrent trackers anymore. So when my torrent searches on Google always brought me to Demonoid, I vowed that I would be a member. I looked for invites everywhere..........until fate brought me to a blog entry where people were giving away codes in the comments. I chanced upon an unused one, and I am now forever grateful to that kind soul who posted that code. And now, to celebrate the spirit of giving (Christmas is not the only time to give folks), I am giving away 3 free Demonoid codes. Post in the comments why I should give you a code and I will pick the 3 best answers (because misusing them may also put me in danger). I will pick the winners after three days. Good luck!
UPDATE: I forgot (stupid me), please put your email there too so I can contact the winners.


  1. I really really need it. It's not for myself but it's for someone that I wanted to help. I dont know why I should help him/her but I told that person that I am going to find one for him/her. I dont even know that person...seriously, I just feel like I can be useful to someone. It feel good right? when you can help someone?? so pls pls pls help me so I can help another. :)

  2. you've to give me a code is in the air, everywhere I look around and you're here in my heart and my heart will go on and ooooonnn...Thanks!

  3. Sorry Nikka I forgot my email! again!

  4. This invitation code is just for me, not for someone else, i promise that i would seed as much as i can like i do actually...i love to play chess and in demonoid there's a lot of work that i need!!! If i could help you with anything just let me know...i'm from Argentina by the way ;)...i also wrote the post..."Santiago said..."...stupid ha? I repeat you my email., thank you again, see you around!