Sunday, March 1, 2009

attack of the caterpillars!!

Squeezed-in post:

One of my biggest fears has to be caterpillars. They're big and brown and spiky. And they sting. I should know since my right arm and my fingers have been swollen, itchy and red since last night. I think we're having a caterpillar infestation (shudder) since yesterday afternoon, I saw two in the bathroom, and today, one in the kitchen. That's a lot considering they're found inside the house, not outside where all the trees and plants and green stuff are. Now I start to itch when I think of them, and I get paranoid whenever my skin grazes something rough or when I see a small brown thing on the floor.
Despite this, I think I should be thankful, because (I know I heard this from somewhere-my mom I think) the existence of these caterpillars, however painful they sting, are a sign that we can still have butterflies to fly around and show us of the beauty of nature. Kind of reminds me of Wall-E (one of my absolute favorite movies evar!), and how that one cockroach (another one of my fears) and that one seedling serve to rehabilitate a dead and lifeless planet. I'm scratching my fingers as I type this, but we have to support caterpillars and every other fearsome insect out there, because they may be the only carriers of a once-existent nature in the heavily-industrialized and man-made world that we are expecting in the future.

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