Tuesday, February 24, 2009

of taylor swift, Post-it games and invisible fish

Hi hi hi! (That's not hee-hee-hee, it's hay-hay-hay)
I was supposed to post yesterday, but our computer science project and the oscars (slumdog won, yey!) occupied my morning and the rest of the day, I bummed around because my head hurt too much to do anymore thinking/homework.
This morning I found out that classes from 830 to 1030 tomorrow morning were cancelled, which is great news since I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. And now, I have some free time to write something.
I am so into Taylor Swift's music right now. I've already really liked "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "Our Song", but last Sunday, I was prompted to download all the albums she's released, all because my sister let me hear her latest single "Love Story". The song isn't typical country fare, but it has a real catchy tune and an actual love story narrative-namely Romeo and Juliet with a happier ending. I listen to it everyday, so I'll probably get tired of it in about three weeks, haha (like other songs I've already exhausted). Anyway, for those interested, other good Taylor Swift songs are "White Horse" and "Invisible."
I was kept awake late Sunday night by a great online Post-it game called Broken Picture Telephone. Basically, you join a chain of drawings and words, where you either get to interpret a another player's drawing through words or you interpret another player's words through drawings. It's fun to see how completed Post-it chains turn out, where you can begin with a description of a tree and end up with a drawing of an alien. It's fun and addicting. However (yep, this is bad news), the website is indefinitely down, due to problems with the host. You can keep on checking out if it's up already here.
Last tidbit. Check out this news about a transparent fish. Absolutely amazing. Makes you think about what other wonders the world has to hold. Totally looks like photoshop, but it's NOT. AMAHZINGG. I end on that note.

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