Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi peeps!
This post may be for the next seven days since I'll be having three major exams for the next week. Only a couple more weeks 'til summer vacation! Haha, it's not gonna much, since I'll only be two weeks long and the summer semester will be starting right away, but it's definitely better than nothing. I expect this year's summer to be really hot, as in crazy effing hot, coz it's already been a thousand degrees since the middle of February.
Nothing worth mentioning went on the part two days, unless you count last Thursday, when I searched our local mall for a large plastic container and stood in line for a jeepney for 45 minutes on the way home. Yep, nothing worth mentioning. Gah, I live a boring life.
So now, running out of other things to say, I share with you a nice game from Kongregate, a site along the lines of Addicting Games. It's cool flash game, integrating the commercialistic qualities of the barcode as well as the exitentialist questions that we ponder in everyday life.
(Sorry if this ain't much of a post. I'll try to shove away my math books and squeeze one in next week. :D)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey!! Just a short one tonight before I sleep. I didn't stay at the dorm, I went home coz I was out of money and there's a book sale at school. They sell some secondhand and brand new books at prices way cheaper than the bookstores (Sometimes, half the price!). I am insanely curious where they get their stocks from. Hehe. I have to admit my addiction to books extends to my being crazy for bookstores and booksales. Whenever I go to a mall or bazaar, I have to check out every book-selling establishment, even if I'm not planning on buying anything. Perhaps I am hoping for that small chance that a book I hopelessly want to buy is on half-price. mEH.
For those looking for something to watch, look for a Japanese cosplay skit show called Masquerade on youtube (I don't know if it's called that in Japan, but here in the Philippines, it is). A sample video is this one. They're fun to watch and you'll be extremely amazed at all the effort and creativity that goes into each presentation. Only in Japan. :D
That's all for now. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

of taylor swift, Post-it games and invisible fish

Hi hi hi! (That's not hee-hee-hee, it's hay-hay-hay)
I was supposed to post yesterday, but our computer science project and the oscars (slumdog won, yey!) occupied my morning and the rest of the day, I bummed around because my head hurt too much to do anymore thinking/homework.
This morning I found out that classes from 830 to 1030 tomorrow morning were cancelled, which is great news since I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. And now, I have some free time to write something.
I am so into Taylor Swift's music right now. I've already really liked "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "Our Song", but last Sunday, I was prompted to download all the albums she's released, all because my sister let me hear her latest single "Love Story". The song isn't typical country fare, but it has a real catchy tune and an actual love story narrative-namely Romeo and Juliet with a happier ending. I listen to it everyday, so I'll probably get tired of it in about three weeks, haha (like other songs I've already exhausted). Anyway, for those interested, other good Taylor Swift songs are "White Horse" and "Invisible."
I was kept awake late Sunday night by a great online Post-it game called Broken Picture Telephone. Basically, you join a chain of drawings and words, where you either get to interpret a another player's drawing through words or you interpret another player's words through drawings. It's fun to see how completed Post-it chains turn out, where you can begin with a description of a tree and end up with a drawing of an alien. It's fun and addicting. However (yep, this is bad news), the website is indefinitely down, due to problems with the host. You can keep on checking out if it's up already here.
Last tidbit. Check out this news about a transparent fish. Absolutely amazing. Makes you think about what other wonders the world has to hold. Totally looks like photoshop, but it's NOT. AMAHZINGG. I end on that note.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

First off, since it's virtually impossible I think to have a main theme for each post, I think I'll have to leave it untitled at this time!!! Hahaha..
Last Thursday, I went wall climbing for the first time. I'm not a very outdoorsy person, but I tried it because it was free, because my blockmate invited me and because I'm always up for anything new and challenging. It wasn't that high of a wall but the rock handles (I'm not sure if they're called exactly that) were scattered and sparse, so it was hard to see where you could place your foot/hand next. I didn't get to reach the top coz midway, my arms were weak and shaking already. Despite climbing under the burning sun, it was a lot of fun.
Yesterday was our last day of NSTP. (For those of you that aren't familiar, it's stated under Philippine law that all college students who are Filipino citizens are required to undergo the National Service Training Program (NSTP) -we get to choose from LTS (Literacy Training Service-teaching kids), CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service-medical missions, environment) or ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps-cadets). whew!)
I'm in LTS and every Saturday, we teach grade 5 kids at a public school here. Yesterday, we had a culminating activity that involved song and dance presentations, games, food, farewells and me scraping my knee in front of everyone (don't ask). It was a bittersweet occasion -we were proud that we had done our job in teaching these kids a little more something than they were used to, and also sad that we would miss our weekend mornings with these fun and smart kids. I'm thankful though for all the new friends I got to make, the difference I contributed to these kids' lives and the happy mornings I got to spend with them. :D
Just one last thing: Yesterday also, I rode a taxi for the first time -ALONE!! Now I know this isn't a big deal for many, but it is for me. I have had other firsts in the past -riding a tricycle alone at night, commuting past 7 in the evening. All of these has meant I'm over my paranoia that all public utility vehicle drivers are out to get me. Yesterday was another milestone. I rode a taxi though not because of this goal to overcome my paranoia (I doubt I'll do it again soon), but because it was too hot and my things were heavy..more so coz of the former. Gah, it seems that the heat has been taking its toll on me to the point of making me do things I'm "paranoidly" afraid of..hahaha..

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm baaccckkkk!!!!!! Woot woot!

I read so many blogs that I've forgotten that I have my own. Hahaha....I has nearly been 11 months since I last posted and now, I am posting again. I do hope I can keep this going regularly from now on, especially since I don't have that much of a busy schedule in the coming weeks.
Anyway, so much has happened since my last post. My succeeding entries may contain a lot of flashbacks, although I will try to keep them on a minimum as I might get lazy again. So on with the first official post of 2009. (Aak, how formal)
I consider the year 2009 not so much as my nineteenth year of living on this earth but more of my third year of college life. So far, it has brought much happy and heartbreaking experiences (I'll try not to make this a tad too emotional). I got closer to my friends and have opened myself up more to the people whom I don't get to talk to too much. I have also reaffirmed my passion for art, with my continuing exploration of the world of comics and graphic design. Subsequently, I am semi-sure of the steps that I will take after college, something that I am excited and overly anxious about. Still, I lay awake some nights thinking about the unncertainty of it all.
College has also brought with it an immense sense of independence, as I have been staying at a boarding house by myself since the summer semester last year. It may be sad to be away from my family, but I feel proud when I realize the good job I am doing of taking care of myself (although there are still some days when I can't resist going home!).
I hope this self-discovery thing goes on throughout the year. It sometimes gets so tiring to perenially walk through life without a sense of where you're going or not possessing the skills that can get you through. These first two months are just the start and I am excited for what lies ahead (cue applause haha).