Friday, April 4, 2008

first post from my 2 week summer vacation

Hello, hello!!
Okay, so about that cs project we've been working on...well let's just say it was technically finished. When my groupmate Nicole asked our teacher how we did on our project, he just said something like, "It met the basic requirements." (not sure about the wording). Anyway, I'm glad we did a pretty decent project, unlike the individual final project I did for the first sem. Not only was it unfinished, it didn't meet all the basic requirements. I consider myself lucky for getting an 85 on that one..
Anyway, my summer vacation started last Saturday, but it officially started last Wednesday, when our final proj in Fil was finally passed. And I feel as if I'm wasting it, coz all I've been doing is going to SM or surfing the internet late at night. Haha..I hope I find something worthwhile to do soon..

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