Saturday, March 8, 2008

mi primera entrada..

hehe...Don't worry I'm not Spanish or anything, it's just that I'm taking a Spanish language course this sem, and well..we have oral exams next week so I'm trying to be in a Spanish state of mind -at least until Tuesday.
So this is my first entry, but definitely not my first blog. I've had blogs since 1st year high school, and I've gone through about 4 or 5 since then. I keep a blog 'alive' for about 1-2 months, so I hope this will last longer.
So a little about me...My name's nikka, and I'm a college freshman in her second sem at a university in the Philippines. I'm taking up Computer Science, and so far, it's been a helluva ride. Yeah, I've been having a lot of ups and downs lately, but then, if I don't experience a good measure of both, what kind of life am I leading? Anyway, I'll stop myself before I preach...So why 'la vida rosa'? Well, it's the title of a movie I saw on an ad on the way home. I then remembered the movie 'La Vie En Rose' which is the french translation of 'la vida rosa'. In English, they both mean 'the pink life'. So why pink, huh? Hmm...there's something about the color that makes you feel vibrant and alive and happy. It's a no-fail pick-me-upper.
Aside from pink being one of my fave colors, I also like red. Among other things I love are listening to music, dabbling in all kinds of visual art and surfing the net. Tambien, me gusta leer los libros buenos -por ejemplo, The Rule of Four y The Umbrella Country...haha, I'll leave you guys to decode that last sentence..
I really look forward to sharing a lot of myself in this blog, so...(insert inverted exclamation point here)hasta proxima entrada!

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