Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going nuts with a computer program...

Hey, good morning guys! I actually woke up at a couple of minutes after twelve and will probably be asleep again at one-thirty. Man, what a computer project can do to your sleeping habits! Ever since Holy Week, when our group started our project, I've been sleeping at around 12. Today, we worked on it until 9 at the groundfloor restaurant of our groupmate's dorm, and as soon as I got home, I collapsed on my bed.
So anyway, it seems like we all were going crazy as we were worked on this program everyday. Coupled with stress, hunger, fatigue and extreme problem-solving, by the time it got to around four in the afternoon, everyone was cursing the computer for every error that happened and well, we all were uttering senseless and ridiculous things. It's actually a miracle that we still made progress. Well, later is when we finally submit this, so I hope that we eventually finish it...Updates are probably on Saturday. Til then!

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